WuQing DNA 2019

the artists

Candy Hung, Lau Tsz Ching *, Li Tsz Wang Ailsa, Lee Ka Hei x Tang Tsz Wan Wendy, Yu Hau Yi Carmen

WQDNA 2019

Above everything

Choreographer | Li Tsz Wang Ailsa (WDQN 2017)
Performers      | Wong Sze Ki, Wong Sze Wing*


In the stomach

Choreographers and Performers | Lee Ka Hei x Tang Tsz Wan Wendy (WDQN 2017)


Play What!

Choreographer | Yu Hau Yi Carmen (WDQN 2015)
Performers      | Fung Lap Tuen Natie*, Candy Hung, Lok Hiu Man Genie*, So Chun Sing, Wong Tsz Ho*, Yu Hai Yi Carmen

Rehearsal Space is partially provided by Y-Space

Merry Christmas 

Choreographer and Performer | Lau Tsz Ching* (WDQN 2017)

Special thanks

Text and Sound | Phoebe Wong
Costume          | 文念蓮

After twendy years

Choreographer | Candy Hung
Performers      | Chan Kei Yung, Chu Pui Pui, Ho Hon Yi Joycine, Yu Hau Yi Carmen



WuDaoQingNian (WDQN) features outstanding young dancers from the community. With the mission of “from the masses, to the masses”, selected budding dancers receive a wide range of rigorous training and intensive rehearsals throughout the year. They share their achievement with their community at the end of the programme.

WQDNA is a platform dedicated to WDQN members who want to try their hand at choreography for the first time. Coming from different backgrounds and heading into different futures, they all share the same DNA under WDQN!


* By kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts



Mar 30 - 31, 2019

30.3.2019 (SAT) 8pm
31.3.2019 (SUN) 3pm & 8pm

Tickets are NOW available at CCDC Dance Centre

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