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Journey to the West - Guangdong Dance Festival 2016 Tour

17.11.2016 8pm

(with post performance meet-the-artist)

Guangdong Performing Arts Theater

(Guangzhou Middle Ave, Tianhe, Guangzhou)

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Original Story

WU Cheng-en


Choreography and Direction

Willy TSAO



Ronly KONG    Peggy LAM

Shirley LOK


Ivan CHAN    Bobo LAI

Peggy LAM   LEE Ka-ki

Shirley LOK    Kelvin MAK

Natalie MAK   Noel PONG

QIAO Yang    Malvina TAM

Terry TSANG   Tseky TSE

Bruce WONG    Dominic WONG

Guest Dancers

Jasper LAI      Pansy LO

Guest Appearance

Gregory Charles RIVERS         Jonathan WONG

Little Dancers

Guangzhou Opera House

Qianqian CHEN     Buffy DENG

Zoe FAN      Sophie FU

Felicia GAO    Lulu GAO

Happy GONG   Jenny GONG

Lucy HUANG    Tianlin JIANG

Carrie LI     Anne LIANG

Abby LIU    Miranda OUYANG

Amy WU     Feifei WU

Lsabella WU     Molly WU

Shane XU      Suzie XU

Yoyo WU      Helen ZHANG

Honey ZHANG     Emily ZHENG

Katherine ZHOU     Katie ZHOU



LOW Shee Hoe


HA Yan-pui

Costumes and Set

Edmond WONG

Programme Introduction:

From a stone, the Monkey King was born!


Eyes of fire and gold. Seventy-two transformations. One somersault he travels one hundred and eight thousand miles. Look out! He may pop up next to you!


Taking Heaven and Hell by storm, Monkey does not even fear the Jade Emperor (starred by Jonathan Wong), but the Goddess of Mercy (starred by Gregory Charles Rivers)?


Oh no, I almost forgot. The scriptures! Let’s journey to the West with Tang Monk, Pigsy and Sharky!


Don’t miss this rollicking fun for all the family, loosely adapted from a classical Chinese literature. Embark on this classic adventure in contemporary dance.


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