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Children's Dance Courses

2nd Term of 2020 (starting date 13.06.2020)
CLICK - Children Dance Courses [Arrangement on Class Resumption]

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Let Your Child Embrace Happiness, Life and Art

Under the pressure of formal education, children are always trained to be result-oriented examination achievers without focusing on the enjoyment during the learning process. However, the meaning of learning can only be completed with obtainment of happiness and sense of satisfaction together with academic achievement. Through cultivation of personal interests by extra-curricular activities, children can receive all-round development on their physical and mental health under pleasured environment. Art can help children opening up their mind to derive better understanding of the surroundings, making them persons with great enjoyment of life and with high learning initiative.

CCDC Dance Centre provides diversified children dance courses, which not only give basic dance training to children, but also inspire them to feel the happiness and freedom furnished by their inherent bodies. Creativity can also be aroused through pleasant dance-learning experience.


We offer comprehensive Ballet graded courses for all levels. 

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Alternative Courses

Additionally, we have a wide variety of course offerings to help kids develop their creativity through movement. These alternative courses include:

Baby Jazz Jazz Dance
Little Swan Chinese Dance
Ballet Jazz Latin Dance
Creative Movement MJ Dance & Hip Hop
Mix Dance Tic Tac Toe-Fun with Tap
Creative Modern Dance Modern Jazz

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Special Courses
Special courses: Little Star.

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