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2020 1st Term Short Course (Feb to Mar 2020)


Enrolment starts from: 20.01.2020 (Mon) 

Short Courses Early Bird Enrollment : 20.01-09.02.2020

Per course: HK$510 ; Two courses : HK$870

CCDC Dance Card Holder : Per course HK$430 ; Two courses HK$820


On or after 10.02.2020

Per course: HK$535 ; Two courses : HK$910

CCDC Dance Card Holder : Per course HK$450 ; Two courses HK$855


* Flexicoupon is not applicable to Short Courses.





Street JazzElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Tue7:00-8:00pm18.026Yau Ka-kit535SC107CXL
As its name suggests, Street Jazz is a style originated from streets which is improvisational in nature. It was first seen in the Afro-American community who danced to music in the street. Gradually this free style became their unique way of communication and culture. As the movements are not designed for the stage, skills and aesthetics which are emphasised in Jazz, are not important in this improvisational dance. Instead, it focuses on interpreting the music and lyrics. Hip Hop and Rap are the popular music choices. Adding to the excitement, choreographic skills are introduced in the class to create dance in the fashion of an MTV. This course is suitable for anyone interested in dance.

Girls' Hip Hop Elementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Tue8:30-9:30pm18.026Chan Yan-yan535SC108CXL
Hip Hop was evolved from different kinds of dance. Body coordination and sense of rhythm are the focus of the lessons. A technique based on quickly contracting and relaxing the muscles following the beat of music. Girl's Hip Hop is a combination of Hip Hop foundation and girly style dance. Soft and feminine move will be involved in this class, suitable for girl. Target: suitable for all people

Ballet JazzElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Fri7:00-8:00pm21.026Char Hoi-yan535SC109CXL
This course is based on classical ballet skills, with briskly music and simple jazz dance steps. Ssuitable for anyone interested in dance.

Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sun2:30-3:30pm23.026Monica Hung535SC110CXL
Back to nature and simplicity. Exercises through breathing and stretching , balancing and controlling, try making the body and spirit working with harmony again, with removal of the senses letting oneself talk inward and peace the mind. This can release the daily-working pressure and muscle tension . This course is suitable for all parties to participate. Namaste!

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  • Yan Yan Chan

    Yan is now a freelance dancer, instructor and choreographer. She started her Hip Hop and Jazz dance training in 2000 and following graduation she had worked as a dance tutor in several famous Hong Kong academies for Arts, teaching Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and Urban Dance.

    In the past decade, Yan taught in numbers of social services agencies, tertiary institutions, secondary and primary schools and kindergartens. She is experienced in teaching and always try her best to fit students’ individual aptitude.

    Yan and her team also active in commercial event production and performance in recent years.  She enjoys challenge, and treasures any opportunities to work with different parties.  

  • Hoi-yan Char
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Modern Dance)
  • Monica Hong

    Monica is an experienced Yoga teacher. 

  • Ka-kit Yau
    Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Modern.
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